Bill’s Book

Finding Freedom in Panama by William E. Wilbur

“The true account of the experiences of an American pastor in the prisons of Panama.”

In 1976, Pastor Bill Wilbur, from the mountains of New York state, began pastoring the Gamboa Union Church which at that time was in the former Canal Zone. Shortly thereafter, he was invited to have meetings at the nearby Renacer prison. He was intimidated by his lack of Spanish, being enclosed with a large number of prisoners and his inability to relate to prisoners… basically he was afraid! The book relates to how he overcame his fears and found himself not only in contact with prisoners at Renacer, but also at the infamous Modelo prison next to Dictator General Noriega’s headquarters. The account takes place around the time of Noriega and the invasion by the United States Military. Sixty-five of his officers were put in the Renacer prison and after earning their trust, sixty of the them came to Bill’s weekly meetings. This is an inspirational book, not a political one, telling accounts that were never carried by CNN. His story shows how God can do good things in the midst of bad times.

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